Aleatory Concept’s management undertakes to comply with all the requirements of FSC rules as applied to its chain of custody responsibility system, and with all relevant legal requirements, to achieve improvements in its system’s performance.

Aleatory Concept undertakes to make every effort to ensure that all forestry products it sells are not sourced from raw materials that fall within the following categories:

– Illegally harvested wood;
– Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;
– Wood harvested from forests where high conservation values are under threat from management activities;
– Wood harvested from forests undergoing conversion to plantation or for non-forest use of the soil;
– Wood from forests where genetically modified trees have been planted.

The management further undertakes to comply with all relevant legislation in matters of safety, health, and working conditions, including the ILO (International Labour Organization) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, namely:

– Provide training to all employees;
– Ensure that Health and Safety at Work services are organised according to current legislation;
– Workers are not prevented from associating freely, choosing their own representatives, or negotiating collectively with the company;
– There is no use of forced labour;
– The company does not hire workers with the minimum legal age or of an age where schooling is mandatory, whichever is higher;
– All company employees have equal work opportunities and receive equal treatment;
– All employees are provided with working conditions that do not endanger their health and safety.

Partnerships with suppliers are crucial to FSC certification in that the company can only sell in the same proportion as it buys certified raw materials. Encouraging suppliers to become certified is a priority for Aleatory Concept’s management. The management believes that by using certified suppliers it is ensuring the sustainability of the chain of responsibility.

São Paio do Mondego, version, 17 June 2022